*** NEW***  Advanced Series 300 class.

Advanced Series 300 is an extension of the series 100 program.  It is meant to make the student a side by side assistant to EMS as well as a leader at the scene. It includes advanced airway management, longboarding, femoral traction, pressure points etc.        *** Pre-requisite: current (within 2 years of  class date ) Series 100 certification required.


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  2019 Class Schedule

 Up coming classes: 

Class # 19-100-19 .   Sunday 3/17/2019  ASM basic 100 series instructor led class. 8:30 to 4:30pm  Instructor: Trina Michaelis . Location: Boise Watershed, Boise Idaho. This class is open to the general public. Cost is $75/per student, registration closes Thursday 3/7/2019 12pm. Cost of class includes all course materials, patch and CEU's. Road Guardians discount accepted. For more information please contact Trina Michaelis 208-863-8078 or trina@ridesafeidaho.org.   Register link:   http://www.eiseverywhere.com/asm1910019

CLOSED Class # 19-100-02   Boise, ID    01/26/2019   8:30 am - 4:30 pm    Idaho STAR Program office  3500 Chinden Blvd   Boise, Idaho, 83714.   ASM 100 series Basic instructor lead class.   Instructor: Trina Michaelis.   A special STAR rate of  includes all course materials & 6.0 CEs.   RG discount accepted.   Class registration closed 1/18/19. This is a CLOSED class and available for Idaho STAR Rider Coaches only. For more information contact   Trina Michaelis at 208-863-8078 or trina@ridesafeidaho.org.   Registration link: http://www.eiseverywhere.com/asm1910002

Do you want a Series 100  Class is focused on the assessment and treatment of the injured as well as how to safely administer care for your group?   Safe helmet removal, jaw thrust rescue breathing, and moving the injured are all addressed & practiced. 

      Contact us!!! Let's get a class scheduled for  you & your fellow riders.