2021 Class Schedule

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​*** Notice we are following all CDC guidelines to date.  We are using the approved ASM screening protocal instructions.    All students must act in their own best interest regarding social distancing, wearing of masks and frequent hand washing.  Any student not respecting these guidelines may be asked to leave the class for the safety of all.   No refund will be issued.  

Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a session.     rsi@ridesafeidaho.org

Current classes on 2021 schedule:

3/13/2021      Full Instructor-Led ASM Basic 100 series class. Lead Instructor: Trina Michaelis. Facility: Comfort Suites Ogden Conference Center Ogden, Utah  8-4:30 pm.    Cost: $80.00/student includes all course materials, a patch and certificate. Class size is limited to 20.   This is a closed classed by invite only.   Pre-registration required. For more information about the class, please contact Trina Michaelis : trina@ridesafeidaho.org  (208) 863-8078   

3/27/2021     Instructor-Led ASM Basic 200 series Blended Learning certification class. Lead Instructor: Trina Michaelis (WFR). Facility: Rocky Mountain Motors, 960 Northgate Mile, Idaho Falls Id 83401.   Hosted by: Litas -Idaho Falls, Idaho. This class is NOT open to the general public and is only available for Litas members. Class Limit 20. Cost: $50.00/student, Road Guardian Discount accepted.  Cost includes all hands on course material.   Hours 8-12pm.  For more information about the class, please contact trina@ridesafeidaho.org.  Or call at (208)863-8078.  Link for hands on certification of blended learning course:   https://na.eventscloud.com/asm2120007

On line course section:   Students will complete 2.5 hours of online training before attending this 3.5-4 hour hands-on class. To sign up for the online portion ($35 - includes PDF of the book, patch, and certificate upon completion of hands-on) visit https://roadguardians.org/register/200-series-basic-online/ 


New for 2021:  Blended Learning Classes.   This virtual class is the same as the 100 series class (in person class room) but is taught with a mixture of interactive online studies and hands-on skills that can be done in a classroom setting with an instructor or through an online platform such as zoom with an instructor. Anyone can take this class, even as a stand-alone online class, but only those who complete both the 2.5 hours of online training and a 3.5-hour hands-on in-person course will qualify for “certification” and continuing education.
     Typical Fees for the hands-on class (in-person or virtual) is $50.00 – $75.00  (fees are based upon the location and # of students)
    The hands-on class fee does not include the online class unless clearly stated. The online training can be taken up to 6 months before the hands-on class and includes a PDF of the book. The cost of online training is $35.00. Road Guardians Members – $25.00. Sign in to the website with your membership get your discount code


Prefer totally instructor lead course... Series 100  Class?  This course is focused on the assessment and treatment of the injured as well as how to safely administer care for your group?   Safe helmet removal, jaw thrust rescue breathing, and moving the injured are all addressed & practiced.    This is a an 8 hour instructor lead course. 


ALSO >>>  NEW***  Advanced Series 300 class (this course is on hold due to covid restrictions) is an extension of the series 100 program.  It is meant to make the student a side by side assistant to EMS as well as a leader at the scene. It includes advanced airway management, longboarding, femoral traction, pressure points etc.        *** Pre-requisite: current (within 2 years of  class date ) Series 100 certification required

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