Trina Michaelis:   Lead ASM Instructor/Instructor Trainer, Wilderness First Responder,  Idaho STAR Instructor

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Ride Safe Idaho and Accident Scene Management, Inc. believe that the most likely person to be at the scene of a motorcycle crash is another motorcyclist. Sure we may have a medical trained rider riding with us, but what happens if they are the one injured? 

Our goals are to reduce severity of injury & fatalities at the scene of a crash through proper actions and reactions. We also expect  to make the motorcyclist more aware of how they can protect themselves legally and financially.

What is Accident Scene Management, Incorporated? Accident Scene Management, Incorporated (ASMI) is the leading international motorcycle trauma training association. We teach bystanders and EMTs what to do in order to prevent injuries and fatalities to Motorcyclists.  

Statement of Purpose The purpose of the Bystander Assistance Programs are to enhance the survival rate and reduce severity of injuries for the injured riders of all motorized vehicles. We expect to decrease the chance of rescuer injury due to inappropriate actions at the accident scene. We also expect to educate motorists how to protect themselves legally and financially should an accident occur.

Goals and Objectives
The program is directed toward the assessment and treatment of the injured as well as how to safely administer care. We teach scene management and the legal aspects of an accident.

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   My lifelong attraction to anything mechanically driven started on a “tote goat” around the age of 6.  Some 50+ years later I’ll ride a 4-wheeler or snowmobile whenever possible but my first choice is always my Electra-glide. 
    I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my riding skill and enjoy being an IDAHO STAR motorcycle training instructor.   I am also a Rescue Rider and Road Guardian member along with memberships in SMSA, AMA, ICMS, Patriot Guards and serve as National Board of Trustee Secretary for the Women on Wheels. 

   As a Wilderness First Responder and a American Safety Institute Instructor I look forward to advancing ASM accident scene management and emergency care training for riders and professional rescuers in and around Idaho, Oregon, Washington,  Utah, Wyoming and Montana.   For inquiries about attending or hosting classes please contact me at:   Or you may use the form below.

Instructor Qualifications:
All ASM Certified Instructors must be motorcyclists. Medical training is not required, however, a Lead instructor must be present at each class.
Lead ASM instructors must have EMT equivalent or higher in medical training and be a motorcyclist.
We recommend one instructor for every 15-20 students
Any exceptions to these rules are made on an individual basis by the ASM office. Please call 262-706-3278

Email is necessary as it is our primary communication tool. Excel, Microsoft Word and Power Point are all integral parts of our program so a working knowledge of each is necessary. Instructors complete 30 hours of training which prepares them to teach all 5 classes offered by ASM licensed instructors. Instructor training courses are held a few times a year by one of our 5 instructor trainers in the USA or an instructor training session can be scheduled by groups or organizations with 8 or more instructor candidates.

To become an ASM Certified Instructor:       Submit an ASM Instructor Application.  Once your Application and documentation are received you will receive a call from the ASM office to discuss your status and options for training. 

To contact Road Guardians for more information click here or call us at 262-706-3278