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 Ride Safe Idaho is available to give short ASM seminar presentations to your group or organization.  Please contact us for possible dates/times and what you'd like to see us cover in our presentation and let's it make happen !
       Accident Scene Management’s full Bystander Assistance Class 100 Basic class is a comprehensive class that teaches many aspects of a crash scene from Management to Treatment. 60  to 90 minute classes may be used at seminars in order to provide some information but are not meant to take the place of the full seven hour course. Students who take abbreviated forms of the full class are not eligible to wear the ASMI class completion patch.   Suggested seminar topics are:
     Prevent Further Injury - Learn what to do at the scene of a motorcycle crash so more injuries don't occur! Secure the scene, make yourself visible, don't disturb evidence, and most of all, don't become another victim! (one hour or 1.5 hours with hands on learning).
    Effectively Communicate with the EMS - Learn how to assess a motorcycle crash  cene and communicate with the EMS. Find out what you need to know to gain respect and work as part of the emergency team to reduce response time and time on the scene. You WILL make a difference!           (one hour) 

     Treat with Life Sustaining Care - Learn the ABCSS of Trauma an injured person at the scene of a motorcycle crash. From rescue breathing to controlling severe bleeding this session will help you decide what needs to be done and in what order.           (two hours)  

     Rescue Breathing and Helmet Removal - Learn how to preserve the spine while giving rescue breathing by using the jaw thrust method of opening the airway. Also learn how to remove a helmet when it interferes with rescue breathing!   This is a "hand on" session where both techniques are practiced.  Class limit - 30 students (one hour)   
     Preserving the Spine- Learn How and when to move someone. Learn how to lift a bike off of an injured person as well as how to move someone off the road if necessary. This is a "Hands on" session where spinal immobilization and emergency moves are practiced. Class limit - 30 students (one hour)

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